Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wow time flys

It is hard to believe it has been almost a year since I blogged. Please forgive me. A lot has happened and life goes on. Well to bring you up to speed. Bob got a part time job at the Casino when we first returned to Ontario. It was a Contract of 6 months at a time. In May they renewed his contract. Now granted it wasn't big money only a few hours a week but it helped to pay for our bike & car insurance.( Yes we are Insurance Poor.).
Anyway the long and short of it all is they didn't renew his contract this time around. The same old story budget cuts.
So now he has become another house husband. With recipe instructions he is becoming the master chief. Let me see he has made a great tasting pot of stew, Chili and home made buns to go with both of these. We made Pizza Lasagna on the weekend and it was really good. Of course he is still the master chief on the Barby cue.
Princess Leia keeps him on the fresh air walk, of course we are lucky to have a dog that has a bladder the size of her little body. No kidding she goes out at 9 pm for her last walk and will stay in bed until 10-11 am. That little girl does not do mornings at all. You try to take her out of bed sooner than she is ready and the look she gives you....WELL....

We were sad to hear that Bobs' daughter Stephanie and her husband separated. It is sad when things like that happen especially when there are children.
Bob's son Mathew went to the Navy Boot Camp at Base Borden during the summer, it was a proud day for his father to see him all dressed in his whites on Graduation Day.

So it is time for me to get into the shower and get ready for another day of the working woman...Sucks I tell you just plain sucks......