Thursday, August 23, 2007

Newfie Bound Part 4

Going up the bay...Denise and I in lawn chairs at the back of the boat. This boat only had the captains chair for driving & since it was a fishing boat that is all that is required.

A jelly fish you don't want to touch. I took this through the water with my long lens. There were a lot of them out where we were traveling.

We also seen a whale a few times but she was being camera shy and I couldn't get her picture.

She even came up close to boat, but of course I was on the other side of the boat with my camera posed and ready for her....

yep got my feet wet in the Atlantic Ocean...

Bob and Derick resting after a hard day of relaxing.

Derick playing the ugly stick. A newfie musical instrument. Derick looked high and low for just the perfect piece of wood to make his ugly stick.
(yep that is a condom you see on his front leg)

Hubby and I enjoy the cottage up the bay

Newfie Bound part-3

It was just amazing to see the tide go out. This area looks as if it is all dried up. Every time it happened I was just in awe. This was across from our host area. They lived right on a small bay which was just around the corner from the ocean.

Bob and Betty looking at the map. We were going to the cottage which is only accessible by boat in the summer and ski-do in the winter. As the locals say we were going up the bay...
no hot water, no phone, no hydro, and on my no Internet.....very peaceful. We had power at night time when the generators where turned on. But at bedtime they were shut down as it disturbed the peace and tranquility of the area.

Night has come............

Newfie bound part 2

Our first sight of Newfoundland. It was a cold rainy day when we docked and it pretty well stayed that way the first day. We had to travel through an place called Wreakarea. This is where the ocean blows such strong winds that it has been known to blow transports off the road. We were thank full that at the time we went through it was windy but still able to travel. When the winds get to high the road is shut down.

Betty's sister was our host for the first day on the island. Geraldine took us up to see the point where the Dover Crash took place. We got to see a piece of the plane and look at a very small part of the island .

A piece of the plane from the crash...

Hubby having a cat nap. We put in 2 long days of driving and a
short sleep on the boat. We docked at 7:00 am so he only got about 5 hours of sleep

A much deserved wash. The bikes were really dirty and covered in salt from the ride along the ocean front. Of course we had bugs from 5 different province to get washed off.

Newfie bound part 1

Waiting for the boat in Sidney Nova Scotia.
Wilf had booked our reservation for Thursday night. We left Orillia Wed am at 5 am. Needles to say we seen little of the the other provinces. Only what I could take from the back of the bike.
Our first night was spent in Montreal only 20 minutes from the New Brunswick boarder. We got to the docks at 9;00 pm. our ship sailed at 12:30 am.

Passing scenry in Nova Scotia

Can you guess Who?

It was so windy and rainly crossing Newfoundland I wore riding glasses and a scraf over my mouth and nose. Riding as a passenger submits you to more of the elements as you don't have the windshield protecting you. I will be investing in a new helmet with the sheild across the eyes and nose. Until then I look like Kenny off South park. I sure suprised a women in Montreal. She cut us off once going into the tunnel then thought she could do it again. I urged Bob to get up beside her and I shot her the finger. She stared at me. When she safely passed us her male passenger was staring out the window at us. Teach them eh!! LOOK BEFORE YOU TRY TO CROSS OVER IN FRONT OF SOMEONE>>>>>>>

Yep It is me!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Bike

After traveling from BC to Ontario we decieded to get ourselves a new bike. So we traded in both bikes for a new one. A 2007 Goldwing. It is a beauitful color and rides like a dream. We easily logged on 1000 k a day. I keep telling Bob that I fell I should put my seat belt on when I get into the seat.
Pictures don't show what a nice bike it is but I have to show everyone what she looks like.....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Up date

Sorry I have not been able to up date our blog. The host home we are staying in has dial up service and it belongs to the teenage daughter. Since we are in her room she is sleeping in the basement where the computer is. The host also runs a buisness out of her home so day time use is restricted. Hopefully today I can transfer the pictures from my computer to disk and up date the blog.
The weather has been pretty good but it sure is windy here.

take care

Bob and Kathy