Thursday, February 18, 2010

Got Lost

I am sorry I have not been keeping my blog up, but I did have a very good reason. I lost my password. Okay I forgot it. After so many tries you get blocked out, so finally I found my magic book with all my passwords in it. I do admit to age affecting my memory so I make sure I have a book with all my craft passwords etc in it.

Well we soon will be back on the road again. A new adventure and now we have Princess to keep the Gnome company. Although the Gnome is a little ticked at us, as he has been left behind. We must find a better way to fix him, his head keeps falling off.

This summer was a awesome time, we got to meet new relatives at the Island. Uncle Bev's son who was given up for adoption was welcomed into our lives. What a joy to meet him. It is strange that you can see so much of Uncle in him. Along with him he has a beautiful wife Clair and 4 great kids. Welcome to our crazy family.

This past weekend we had a lovely time at our nieces wedding in Dresden Ontario. It is so much fun to remember her as a young lady who I meet 16 years ago. Now she is married and ready to start a new chapter in her life.... So now that I can get into my Blog i will up date it more often