Monday, January 28, 2008

Well they were telling us that an Artic frost was coming. Well let me tell you something. They are right. This mornings temp was with the wind chill factor -45. I'd say dam cold. People came to work and on thier lunches they would go out and start their cars and trucks.

I have to wrap a scraf around my mouth to get back and forth. The air just takes my breath away. (himm isn't there a song about that?)

Just before the artic front moved in we had a light dusting of snow and it was really pretty. So out I go in my jammies and slippers out the door to capture the snow on the trees before it all falls off.

I found some other trees around the yard that I didn't have to got far to get pictures of it.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Look what the Postman Brought

Beem me up Scotty there has to been biking weather some where........

Bob and I went to the Calgary Motorcycle show on the first weekend in January. We always attended this show in Ontario and bought our Christmas presents for each other there of thing we needed or wanted for our bikes.

Bob had been looking on line for Goldwing jackets that matched our bike. The prices were good but he held off unit we could check them out at the show. We were disappointed as the dealers had only show stuff there. Nothing on display was for sale. But we did try on jackets and got the size and the prices. These Jackets that we are wearing cost $465. each at the dealers. My thrifty hubby bought them on line at an American Outlet for $179. with shipping and customs the 2 jackets came in still cheaper than one at the dealer. He order them and they were here in a week and yes they are Joe Rocket brand The retail stores wonders why we do cross boarder shopping.

This is a front and rear view of hubby's jacket. Don't you look at his bald spot, I guess it is time for another hair cut..Off it goes

Well I am posing but I did forget to add something to my fancy attire.
OH MY GOODNESS ............

Friday, January 18, 2008

A bit Lazy

Well I have to admit I have been a little lazy on my blog site. But I have really been Busy. I joined a card swap and had to make 20 cards. Well when I got my list there were more than that so I continued. But I love it, the more cards I send out the more I get back. Wow just like Christmas cards, every year I send out about 40 cards and I get so excited when I see my mail box with cards in it. But then again I am one of those that have my cards all ready to go the 15th of November. Yep in the envelopes stamped and ready for the end of November to send them off.
Sister & I have joined a month Scrapbook club and get plenty of idea's for our scrap books. I did 2 pages last night and I can hardly wait to post the one.
It is about a Bear named Oatmeal. Oatmeal was adopted by our daughter Stephanie when she was 3. She took Oatmeal to school and love him very much. Soon Stephanie grew up married Mike and they had a little girl named Laila. Oatmeal was handed down to Laila to love and hug.

I love to take picture of the mountains and hope to be able to find those special pics to put in the scrap book for memories.

One of the joys of the country side here is the winter sports. Snow shoeing is my newest adventure. My friend took some pictures of a water line up in the Kananaski Park. It is the main line from the lake and it has area's that are not sealed tight and it leaks. These leaks freeze and form all kinds of shapes.
Well am going to go and get on my own Lap top as it has the pictures of the ice monsters and other things see ya soon.......