Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Well I hope everyone had a good Christmas....
Sister and I finally took time last night to sit down and do a scrap book page. The only time we have had a chance to do it together is at our monthly Scrapbook Classes. Which by the way she was the monthly winner last month. She got to pick $200 worth of scrapbooking stuff to add to her collection. For Christmas Bob and I gave her a large square scrap booking box on wheels. She can now wheel her stuff to the table and it is all in one space. Richard gave her a couple of cases to add to her growing collection.
Anyway back to the scrapbook session. I finished my friendship page. It is a page with my friends Arlene and Linda when they came to Orillia to see Harold's show. It is really nice and I can hardly wait to show them.
Sister worked on a page showing the grandsons touching there Papa's beard. Jackson was so amazed that it was so soft. Gently with one hand then with both he was stroking it. Mr Tate on the other hand touched once with one hand then using both hands grabbed on to his beard. Papa couldn't say to much as this took place in church. After church we got Tate to touch Papa's beard again for a photo shot.
I do miss seeing our Gran babies but this was a choice I had to make. When we planned our trip 4 years ago there was no babies. (Thanks to the wonderful world of Internet we get pics of them. Thank you so much to our daughter Stephanie for doing this for us.). My time spending with my Western family is a once in a life time event. My grandmother is 90 now and other relatives are aging quickly. Time does not stand still for anyone.
Bob has had to go on insulin for all meals now. his pancreas is slowing shutting down. Alberta is a pioneer province for Islet Transplants so we will see if he is a candidate or not.
We had a great Christmas with family and new friends and look forward to the summer to travel and explore the Western Coast. Look out BC here we come, Los Vegas and all the rest.
We hope everyone has a safe and good 2008
Happy New Year
Katherine & Bob

Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas

Sister and I after all the
excitment. We put
our new jammy's
on and had
a hot cup of tea

My son and I

Richard helping
his Auntie do
potatoes for

Hubby and I
with one of
our presents
from our good
friends Jan &
Wayne They
were greblim
bells for our

Just chillin

Richard with one of his
many gifts

Auntie Laura with

Mr Tate isn't
he a cutie

Hubby dressed for
our walk around
the block

The 3 Amigos.
we made them all
sit on the couch
'and open there
presents at the same

Yep aren't they cute!

Richard telling us
all he needs is
mittens that
under his coat...

My hubby

Leon being silly

Uncle Bob with Tate
Auntie with Rory

Ted with Tate
telling Jackson he
can't open the
cases that all his
toys came in..

Uncle Bob with Rory and
I after Dinner

Poppa Leon
with 4 of
his 5 grand babies

Auntie Kathy with
Tate, & Grams with

Tate all dressed up. Laura's mom
had some lady make 7 of these
outfits for the youngest
grandchildren to wear
at Christmas

Grams with Rory. He
is only 2 months old
and smiling and
such a happy little

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Auntie Babysitting Tate & Jackson

12 Days of Christmas

We thought we would start a new tradition and we celebrated the 12 days of Christmas.
On Dec 14 we opened our first gift. From each other. It was a lot of fun and something to
look forward to after a long day at work. All kind of silly thing were given and I have put some
of the pictures on our site. Enjoy.

Red Haters & Santa

Merry Christmas, to all the Red Hatters

Yes Santa I have been very good, I eat all my Red Hat deserts..

Red Hat desert Yum yummm

Past Queen Arlene and Lady Kate.....

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Craft Show-Calgary

Wow what huge decorations on the tree. We went to Spruce Meadows in Calgary to see the stuff at the Craft Show last Sunday. It was also Deb & Leon's wedding anniversary so I had to take some pics of them.

Leon playing with the balls at the wooden shoe.

Sitting for a spell trying to warm up.

Ain't love grand...


I asked for a turkey dinner with smashed potatoes, I got it jumbo size don't you think.


These ice ornaments were not melting so look at sister and I down below, we are suffering from a hot flash, or in the West they are called Chinooks. Chinooks are warm winds that can come through in winter and warm everything up. It can be cold as anything one day and a couple of days later, people are going around with out there winter coats on...

Yep we got a Chinnok going on here....

Just a little of this and a Little of That

Well we are all ready for Christmas I think, but then again, are you ever ready for the big day.
Since we have put our bike away for the winter our travels are slowing down. So in order to keep the site up and running I have added a few of my fav pictures.

If you see one of yourself let me know

my fav nephew how big he is grown

my little brother Walt, myself, hubby, Damieon and friend Mike

Grandma and Miss Laila in the Pool.

Harold our good friend, I just love this picture of him

hello me and Arlene having a glass of wine...another glass of wine and another.....

This is my sister friend Jan and her, baby Mr Beasley. Mr Beasley is like an old man grumbling and complaining all the time......

Hope you enjoy my postings check back more often as now that the Christmas Season is fast approaching we will be posting hopefully more often.....

Love and miss you all