Friday, February 22, 2008

Alberta Baby

Donna makes sure to post cute pics of Rory on her facebook for the family and friends to see how much he is growing. I love these pics with the cabbage patch kids..Rory is laughing and sharing a secret with his friends

Ahh...... monkey buisness it is this time...

Rory and his monkey share a secret

Before Rory came along Donna & Chris's baby was and still is Clyde. A great dame. He just adores his Rory and keeps a close eye on him.
So for Valetnines Day no pictures or story book would be complete without a pic of Clyde with his big red heart.

Clyde has to make sure that his Rory is alright.

Yes we know Rory, some day you are going to ask your momma why she did this, but just rememeber it is better than those bare butt pictures that always show up in your baby book
sometime or another.

here we go the
King of Hearts

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's not a Fat Bob!

Happy Valentines Day to me...look what I bought myself.....

It is a 2006 Vulcan Classic 900. Belt drive, leather hard bags with quick release, floor boards, heel/toe shifter. Mustang seat with a sissy bar and back rest. Studs all the way around the leather. It is a pretty blue and silver. Less than 2000k on it. Another one of those bikes that the guy buys and realizes he really wants a Harley, so he trades it in on a new Harley..

Well I did make this long with out a bike and okay Wilf you were right I did miss it. Bob and I traded our other bikes in on the Goldwing at the end of July 07.
I was thinking of the summer ahead with no bike and I felt really sad. Once you have your own bike it is kind of hard to give up that freedom. Bob was wondering how long it would take before I would miss biking.....
Harley brought out a new bike and that was what Bob had gone to the Harley Shop to see for me on his way to work. When he took me in on my next day off to see the Harleys I fell in love with this one. I know how can you pass up a Harley? Well easily when there is a difference of $17,000. For a Harley as dressed as this one is I was looking at 24,000-26,000. Sorry Harley people I didn't want to go that far into debt.

So now where is the nice weather. I am being told May long weekend around here, well if that isn't more of an insentive to go back to Ontario, longer biking season. But then again last Thursday when we were at the Harley dealers there was a biker just geting off his bike. I guess if a Chinook comes through there is no stopping the bikers. But myself I will wait. They use rocks and stones on the roads out here instead of salt.

So I did let Bob sit on the little girl. He keeps asking me If I am going to let him drive it. We will see.
He did finally get to see Harley's Fat Bob.
( But he isn't willing to give up his Goldwing for any other bike thank goodness).

Now I just have to make Alf a new outfit so he will look good sitting in his place of honour.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Fun time with the boys

The boys had a lot of fun playing with Grandma Debi's baloons. Jakson sson brought his, but Tatte had a blast chasing it around the room.

Uncle Bob holding Tatte while Grams Kate got his lunch ready. He is growing so fast and is not a fussy eater. It was harder keeping the 2 little boys filled up on good stuff.

Our Niecce Laura asked if we would take csre of Jackon and Tate. Uncle Bob and Grama Kate are a little rusty but we did fine.

Granma Kate messed up tv and Jaksosn laid on the bathroom floor to yell down at Uncle Bob that we needed him to come and fix the tv. Soon Uncle Bob was there and we managed to get the tape machime going, so we watched Pinocico and Skooby do. Ya ya..