Thursday, August 23, 2007

Newfie Bound Part 4

Going up the bay...Denise and I in lawn chairs at the back of the boat. This boat only had the captains chair for driving & since it was a fishing boat that is all that is required.

A jelly fish you don't want to touch. I took this through the water with my long lens. There were a lot of them out where we were traveling.

We also seen a whale a few times but she was being camera shy and I couldn't get her picture.

She even came up close to boat, but of course I was on the other side of the boat with my camera posed and ready for her....

yep got my feet wet in the Atlantic Ocean...

Bob and Derick resting after a hard day of relaxing.

Derick playing the ugly stick. A newfie musical instrument. Derick looked high and low for just the perfect piece of wood to make his ugly stick.
(yep that is a condom you see on his front leg)

Hubby and I enjoy the cottage up the bay

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