Friday, February 22, 2008

Alberta Baby

Donna makes sure to post cute pics of Rory on her facebook for the family and friends to see how much he is growing. I love these pics with the cabbage patch kids..Rory is laughing and sharing a secret with his friends

Ahh...... monkey buisness it is this time...

Rory and his monkey share a secret

Before Rory came along Donna & Chris's baby was and still is Clyde. A great dame. He just adores his Rory and keeps a close eye on him.
So for Valetnines Day no pictures or story book would be complete without a pic of Clyde with his big red heart.

Clyde has to make sure that his Rory is alright.

Yes we know Rory, some day you are going to ask your momma why she did this, but just rememeber it is better than those bare butt pictures that always show up in your baby book
sometime or another.

here we go the
King of Hearts


Alpicks Treasures said...

How cute..... I love the one with the hearts. Too cute you just want to hug all day long. How are things there? ready for a ride I bet. Hope its going ok. Keep in touch.

Wendy said...

So, you MUST have received my gift by now? I am so sad that I participated with such a nice package and never received one from you:( It's only fair that when you join in on a swap that your be considerate enough to send your partner something!! I hope that you are kind enought to send something or atleast refund me my shipping.

BikerK8 said...

Hello wendy:
I sent your gift out at the first of Feb. If you want to see the canister please check my other blog.
I recieved your gift and thank you very much, I was awaiting a note from you.