Thursday, March 4, 2010


This is my newest card from my Big Sister on the Splitcoaster site. I have recieved 3 cards from her and the most adoreable little purse thingy. I don't know if it is suppsoe to be a cat or a dog, but I am going with a dog...I love to recieved mail from my Secret Sisters, it is so much fun going to the mail box and finding a card from her. Now that I finally figured out how to post again I can get my Blog caught up..
Well it is offical we do have a new house in Alberta. The builders should have the cupboards installed and the flooring is all done. The Real Estate agent who is handling this place called last night and informed us they would like to show this place today at 1 ish.. I explained that there where a lot of boxes laying around but that is the way it is. How exciting to moved lock stock and barrel all across the country. Of course all of family and friends know how we move and the weight of our stuff, so we are looking into a moving company. Let them do all the work. we just pack our undies and hit the road. So we will see the cost of it, compared to hiring someone to load a truck and drive it out West.
So I'll post more later. I have finnaly got my scales to move and I have to do my exercises. It was very discouraging for a month when they only went down 1.5 pounds. But now hopefully I am over that hurdle...

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