Saturday, January 19, 2008

Look what the Postman Brought

Beem me up Scotty there has to been biking weather some where........

Bob and I went to the Calgary Motorcycle show on the first weekend in January. We always attended this show in Ontario and bought our Christmas presents for each other there of thing we needed or wanted for our bikes.

Bob had been looking on line for Goldwing jackets that matched our bike. The prices were good but he held off unit we could check them out at the show. We were disappointed as the dealers had only show stuff there. Nothing on display was for sale. But we did try on jackets and got the size and the prices. These Jackets that we are wearing cost $465. each at the dealers. My thrifty hubby bought them on line at an American Outlet for $179. with shipping and customs the 2 jackets came in still cheaper than one at the dealer. He order them and they were here in a week and yes they are Joe Rocket brand The retail stores wonders why we do cross boarder shopping.

This is a front and rear view of hubby's jacket. Don't you look at his bald spot, I guess it is time for another hair cut..Off it goes

Well I am posing but I did forget to add something to my fancy attire.
OH MY GOODNESS ............

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Alpicks Treasures said...

ohhh check out those legs, you go girl. Hope all is well. Nice jackets, I bet they will keep you warm. Sounds like you have a nice rally.. Keep in touch.