Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Gnome and the Accident

Safety first..... My Lady bungee cords me to her seat.

Take a good look at My Mardi Gras beads as this it the last time you will see them on me. On my long ride, from Highriver to Midhurst which is close to Edmonton they where lost some place.
Oh well My Man just said we will have to go back to New Orleans to get me some new ones.

Yep don't I look good all strapped into my spot. Better than riding in the saddle bag is where I will end up at the end of this trip..

Stopping for lunch. I am so lucky I get to come in to the restaurant with My Man and My Lady

Then we had to get gas, My Lady thought it was a cute sign, told me it reminded her of me sometimes. I am NOY KRANKY, I can be difficult sometimes and get into mischief, but other than that I am just like any other Gnome.....But I am adopted...

Our new trailer. Imagine that we will be sleeping and camping in it...

Hmmmmmm now I can drive this baby. Three wheels, no worry about my balance. yahooooo

Tractor, wow I got to sit up on the seat of this baby. An oldie but a goodie. I wonder if it still runs... How does this Baby start.. let me at it...

Well here I am on top of the Bulldozer which changed my whole life...
Imagine that I was just standing on top of this baby and a gust of wind came along and down I went..

Crash Bang...

well this how I looked when My Lady got all my pieces gathered up.

Boy does my head hurt!

So Dr Debi the Ear Dr and Nurse K8 figured out the surgery needed to put me back together again.
Is this going to hurt....

First we have to put all the pieces back in place to see if My Lady has all of them.

Listening for a some mumbling, Gnomes mutter a lot, aah I hear some nasty words coming out of this Gnome so Dr Debi will proceed with the
Super Glue.....

Yep Good Old Super Glue works wonders

The Dr and her Nurse doing the final touches, he looks good. A few pieces missing but we can re model his nose with clay and give him a paint touch up.

Yes we have a good strong beat,

Closing up the final crack

Careful or your finger will stick to the
glue and we will be in trouble...

Ahhh looks good.....

Yep heart beat strong, He is coming out of the glue fumes, we have succeeded in another, fine repair job..

The Patient is well and doing good. Stay tuned for his mischief once he has a chance to recoup. Glue has to dry hard and settle in.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad the "doctors" were able to save the gnome. I have some tiny daffodils he will have to see in the spring when he is living in Ontario with his grown ups.