Saturday, June 23, 2007


Welcome to my blog.
My hubby and I have for the past 3-4 years have been planning a road trip by motorcycles and camper. Finally he retired on New Years Eve 2006 and the wheels were put into motion.
Our first adventure was going to Florida. I had never been there before and thanks to our wonderful friends George and Marla I got to experience the lovely South in the winter time. They let us stay with them for almost a month and then bring hubby's 16 year old son back in March.
Hubby had so much fun showing me around that he got just as excited as I was and even got his picture taken with Tigger but my fav pic is with Mickey.

Now our house is sold and the big adventure starts. Off to New York and surrounding area's. August 1 will find us on our way to the East Coast with our friends Wilf & Betty. Betty is from Newfoundland so we are getting the best tour guide. She will show us all around the island and the best parts to see.
Right now we are awaiting the birth of our second grand child ( a boy) to make his grand entrance.
But we all know Babies come when they want, even though Poppa and Gran can't go anywhere until he arrives.
Once we welcome Justin into the world our touring will begin. After visiting the East Coast we will work our way to the West Coast. We are going to spend the winter with my family in Alberta then in June head up to Alaska. Back down into the States and hit the places we didn't go to on the way back to Ontario. Hubby wants to Ride on Route 66 for a spell just so he can say he did.
Check back at our blog often once we hit the road it will be an everyday adventure.
Bob and Kate

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