Saturday, June 30, 2007

Northern Ontario

Well meet Mr Moose. Isn't he a fine young man. Has his sexy glasses on . Once we started to travel through the North we were reminded that they come out after dark
It is fun to see the little town dress up the stuffed animals.

Bob did better today and only got a couple of showers. Just enough to get him wet. He was glad they weren't downpours like yesterday. We carry a gas can with gas in it, the price of as varies so much. It can cost anywhere from 1.13-1.32 a liter. When we find it cheaper than 1.32 we fill up the gas can and fill when needed.

Our last stop for the night was Wawa. I really wanted a picture of the Famous Goose. I took a picture of both of them, the new and the old. I like the old one the best. Our hotel room bed is a lot more comfortable than last night in Blind River. The owner told us he had just refurbished the rooms. I think he forgot the room we slept in. The bed was the kind that you had to hold on to the sides to keep yourself from sliding to the center. By time morning rolled around you were more tired than when you went to bed.

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