Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mystery of the Mountains

We decieded to go for a ride up to the mountains this Sunday.
It doesn't matter how many times I see them they are still an amazing mystery. But imagine our suprise when we seen the snow. The higher we went the cooler it got. At one point there was snow along side of the road. I asked Bob for the temp and it was 10 so that was roughy 50 degrees. Good thing we had dressed for it today.

Some of the scenery was so pretty, sometimes even the camera doesn't show it all.

Found us a water falls along side of the road.

Hubby taking a rest

Nice and clear but so cold.

Whoa Bobby wait for me......

I am told these are Mountain Sheep but really...

Don't you think this looks like a goat

Wow look at the snow

And more snow

Yep this is another wild animal on the road....but I really think it is called a cow!

After a ride the bike needs to be shined up again to make her look like new again.


9kids said...

Beautiful scenery....and you can't tell me those aren't goats!

Anonymous said...

The mystery of the mountains continues. Which country and which mountains?