Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mom's Anniversary

Debi, Leon & I went to the mountians on the 10th anniversary, of our mothers passing,
the first picture of the Local Wild life

Ski resrorts with nature made snow

Pinic area with a little snow covering it

Leon you are going to be in trouble

Gotcha, and your going to get it now

I'll wash my hands first with the snow, then I will fire it at him, Leon where are you?

Ready, Aim, Fire

Hurry get going Sister he is coming to my window

All the animals on the road licking the salt off the road. Look at the Baby.

Pretty on the mountians, I just love the way the snow fell on the mountians.


If you look and see the pointed ridges, these are called the Hoodoo's, just inside Baniff. This is the area where we released our mother's ashes 10 years ago.

A moment of reflection.

Pretty mountian, in Baniff

Yep she is my sister

Let me whisper sweet nothings in your ear!

Deb and Leon at the Christmas store in Baniff, in front of one of many trees.

Lonesome Me, hubby is working this weekend

It was a good day in the mountians. We spent most of the day up there, exploring and looking around. Baniff's main street, was all tore up to refresh as the signs said. In reality they were putting in new storm drains.

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Alpicks Treasures said...

Thanks for all your inspiring comments on my blog. Its nice to see how others live and pictures they post. Enjoy your retirement.