Saturday, October 13, 2007


Thanks giving started off really good.
Leon had to go into work on the Sunday night
Bob was working Sunday on afternoons so we
thought we would have 2 dinners. Sunday night
with Leon and Monday night with Bob.
I baked apple and pumpkin pies on Saturday.
Sister got up early Sunday stufed and got the bird in the oven.
We then started on the veggies, since we have such a wide variety of likes we were going with, regular smashed potoates,
sweet pototoes, squash, corn & peas and gravy......

Sister got the regular potatoes ready for the stove
Then when I was doing the squash behind her she started with the sweet potoatoes or Yams. The peelers wasn't co-operating
so she switched to a big knife. Yep she did it cut her self really deep. So off to the hospital her and Leon go. Not bad only a hours wait time and she got herself stiched back up...2 stitches.

Well they stitched her up and put a huge bandage on it because it was still seeping blood.

The offending

I didn't get a picture of everyone at the table so I took one of the meal after the first round. We did this all over again Monday night with Bob which was Thanks giving.

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