Sunday, December 2, 2007

Craft Show-Calgary

Wow what huge decorations on the tree. We went to Spruce Meadows in Calgary to see the stuff at the Craft Show last Sunday. It was also Deb & Leon's wedding anniversary so I had to take some pics of them.

Leon playing with the balls at the wooden shoe.

Sitting for a spell trying to warm up.

Ain't love grand...


I asked for a turkey dinner with smashed potatoes, I got it jumbo size don't you think.


These ice ornaments were not melting so look at sister and I down below, we are suffering from a hot flash, or in the West they are called Chinooks. Chinooks are warm winds that can come through in winter and warm everything up. It can be cold as anything one day and a couple of days later, people are going around with out there winter coats on...

Yep we got a Chinnok going on here....

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Alpicks Treasures said...

I have to say It does look abit chilly there but very pretty. And I will say it looks like you had a great time. I love the tree! Keep posting, your doing great!