Sunday, December 2, 2007

Just a little of this and a Little of That

Well we are all ready for Christmas I think, but then again, are you ever ready for the big day.
Since we have put our bike away for the winter our travels are slowing down. So in order to keep the site up and running I have added a few of my fav pictures.

If you see one of yourself let me know

my fav nephew how big he is grown

my little brother Walt, myself, hubby, Damieon and friend Mike

Grandma and Miss Laila in the Pool.

Harold our good friend, I just love this picture of him

hello me and Arlene having a glass of wine...another glass of wine and another.....

This is my sister friend Jan and her, baby Mr Beasley. Mr Beasley is like an old man grumbling and complaining all the time......

Hope you enjoy my postings check back more often as now that the Christmas Season is fast approaching we will be posting hopefully more often.....

Love and miss you all


9kids said...

My goodness, those two grandbabies of yours are sure growing quickly. So nice to see the updated photos. TFS.

Alpicks Treasures said...

Thanks for sharing you pictures. I bet it too cold to ride that bike. Soon Spring will be here.