Sunday, May 11, 2008

The End of our Journey

Well I got me a new job. I figured I was just as qualified as the next Gnome.
This was a shirt given to my man from his friends Jan and Wayne when they went on their trip.

Well this is our last day on the road, so I thought I would get into some mischief while my owners were loading the car. I found this saddle horse and it even had a real saddle on it. No I did not play with the rope. It was all like that when I sat down.

Look at this lovely piano, I tried to open it so I could play some merry music but the dam thing was locked.
Sorry no tunes today

Just Chilling

Well my lady asked my man to take a picture of us in front of the fireplace, wow he really got this picture lopsided didn't he.

Peek a boo can you see me, I want food.....

Me and my Lady in front of the motel in Billings Montana. Look at all the rocks, neat eh!

OH MAN - back into my seat I go. I was free for a while though

My Lady found this covered wagon when we stopped for lunch. She told my man that we had to take a picture.
There was no horses, what a rip

Me on the water barrel

Me and My Lady posing in front of the wagon...
It's all about me....right.

Windmills and the mountains with snow on the top of them

We waited 2 hours at the boarder, my first trip to Canada, I hope I can get in I don't have a pass port...

Wow these Canadian animals are really big

Can you see me?

Look closely down by his toes..

My Lady is standing guard making sure I don't get stepped on...

Motorcycle shopping, can't find the clothes to fit me though...

Yep it is me...

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