Monday, May 5, 2008

wow a long drive

Well I found him after he disappered. These little guys love to hide and play jokes on you
yep here he is hidding in amoungest the nuts of the palm tree

What a little jokester he is

See he is so adorable that the ladies at the Welcome center gave him some Mardi Gras beads, and he didn't even have to lift his top.......

Well now he has to have his place of honor on all the states markers....

Just telling Bob to get some gas in the car we have places to go and things to see...

Magnolia's aren't they just so lovely, and huge. This is Bob' s hand next to bulb ready to open up

I love these flowers they are so large and elegant

Finally warm weather

Hubby in Alabama, it was shortly after this that we picked up our demanding little Gnome...

Imagine playing this guitar, you would have to have some really long arms...

My adorable honey

The closestest I will ever gt to this little lady

Warming up some we can now go with out our jackets


It doesn't matter your religious beliefs, whether you believe in a higher being or not, you should always take a minutes to thank the men who fought in all the wars to keep us free.

A penny on there grave for them

No words needed

Waiting for hubby...

Yep I can find purple or RedHats whereever I go

yep here we are

oh baby its cold out here

I love my sis in law

no I am not going to eat that wieneer, you can't make me

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