Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wen & Thursday in a Gnomes Life (ours two)

Well I am a litte behind in my blog.
frist night we only had WF in the lobby, yea like I was going down on my jammies and work on the blog.
The next day start of great, we were going to go up the volcono, Bobby wasn't to sure of this but I talked him in to going.
These are the ladies at the entrance of the National Park. They agreed to have their pic taken with our Gnome. Well I should say Bob's Gnome he has adopted it.

Me and the little fella having a rest...

finally a family picture

He thought he would look good amoungest the lava and rocks

See I am here

This is where i ride everyday. My owners take me out of my protective pillow and set me back in everytime .

Can you find me?

Yep here I am

Visisiting the Alamo

a long walk down a shade walk way, very cool and pretty

Look there is just so much beautiy.

Okay so he tagged along. I carried him in a bag most of the time..

A little piece of heaven

Waiting for my hubby

Oh a big Yum yum

directing Bob on his pills..

yep there are 6 cadillacs buried in the farmers field out side of Amerilo

we found the old route 66 and my hubby was so happy

the first sign we came across

great picture

yep this is where I got Bobby

of course hubby would not go down into the volcano. I was just happy that he came this high with me

this just about says it all

a messy litttle creature he is

tryin on his leather jacket

Front view

Back View

I think we make a good pair

trying to find a helmet for his is becoming very difficult

have a converstion with a Geiko, who has his own bike

Yep us on a scotter

Bob was passing this truck so I thought I would take this picture of the cows looking at us

Me and him in Texas


See Bob maybe you should go left then right at the next lights...

Ladies washroom

Oh Man I am tired

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