Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another Hot Day

Sunday turned into another hot hot day. No air moving and we were just vegging around the house when we decided to go for a ride up in to the mountains. Leon showed us the trails that he & Deb ride on the horses and we went for a small walk. The reason it was a small walk
was the horse flies were biting. Man oh man do they

After supper we seen the skies turn dark and it started to rain & hail. It sounded like someone was throwing baseballs at the porch roof. We went to look and found hail the size of golf balls. Bob is holding 2 in his hand. The one beside my foot was only 1/2 of one, the other part broke off when it hit the edge of the porch. The hail also riped Bob's cover on his bike, but a strip of duck tape will fix that for right now. We were concerned about the van but what we can see there is no dents in it.


mum-on-the-run said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Your photos are fantastic, the scenery looks just beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

What a hail!