Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yellowstone National Park

Entrance to the Yellowstone National Park. It is a big and expansive area.
We got to the park at 11:00 am. It was already starting to be a hot day. It wasn't long before we removed our Jean Jackets and Leather's. Even though there is no helmet law in a lot of the states Bob insists that we wear ours.

Moose were all over the area. They are so used of the humans that it doesn't bother them to have us standing around taking there pictures and looking at them.

I know it looks like snow, but it is a acid powder. The same acid that is on the top of your car battery. It is so interesting to see it all, in some spots it looks like there are stepping stones.

This is a dormant hot spring cone. Funny looking isn't it.

a hot spring pond, it is so blue and you can see down in it. The temp is boiling hot.

We never got a chance to see Old Faithful. It can erupt any time between 60-130 minutes apart. The time it explodes can last 1-5 minutes. This is a picture of a smaller Geyser.

A good name for this one Spasm Geyser, it pops and bubbles . Looks just like water boiling.

We crossed the Continental Divide 3 times. So we figured we should get a picture of it, so I told my hubby to get in the picture.

A family came along and offered to take
a picture of the both of us at the sign. Not often do we have a picture of the both of us in it.

Mr Bison out for a stroll., first he was walking down the road then decided to go over into the grass. I could almost reach out and touch him he was that close. He just ignore the humans.

This moose end table was in a gift shop we stopped at for water. We have made bottle water our drink of choice, even when we eat now, lots of water.

Bob found these rock formations really
interesting. We stopped for a minute to
take the picture and have a rest.

They look like castles, but this is from the wind and elements.

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sure looks like your having fun. You both deserve it. Love T