Tuesday, July 3, 2007

White River-Pooh's Home Town

You can't go through White River without stopping at
Winnie the Pooh's Home Park. Winnie was started here and they take great delight in having a park dedicated just to him. If you go around in August they have Home Coming Week. Who can resist the Pooh Bear?
Hubby is a wee bit cold here. We had been on the Road since 8 am and this picture was taken around 10. He had drove through a couple of rain burst and wasn't happy about it.

I on the other hand was really warm and dry. I felt so bad for him. This all happened early in the day. After visiting Pooh's Park we stopped for some gas and coffee then we started on the Road again.
All of a sudden there was a rough spot in the road. I tried to slow down but didn't get slowed down enough in time. I watched in horror as the trailer with my bike on it went into the air and when it hit the road again I thought for sure I was going to loose my bike. One set of straps let go but thankfully the other side held firm and stopped it from going over the side of the trailer.
I got pulled over to wait for Bob to come back to me and after I stopped shaking we straightened up my bike and tightened up the straps. Thank goodness every time we stop I check the straps to make sure they haven't loosened up any.

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