Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Stuck in Kenora

We pulled into Kenora around 5 pm Last night (Monday). This is what our traveling train looks like from our motel room. We watch the weather channel when we arrive at each location and we didn't like what was suppose to be coming across upper Ontario.

When we got up in the morning it was really over cast and the weather channel had a Thunderstorm watch out for this area and into Winnipeg. We deceided after a couple of hours that it would be safer to spend another day. After talking to the front desk Bob found out that the down town was suppose to be a 20 minute walk away. So off we go on foot to explore. We went to the park, and found this Bear. It was a loonie bank, a huge bank. The money collected is used for the children of the town. Imagine trying to fill this one eh!! I hope to be able to get back ont he road tomorrow. Nothing ever became of the storm.

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Anonymous said...

Bob, I love the bear piggy bank. Would you pick up one for my collection please, if Kate will let you. Grace