Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday & Tuesday

After getting to our motel at 11:30 Sunday night we started. Monday off early to try and get a head of the heat. Our first stop of the morning was Sturgis.
Bob wanted to go and see what the town was like so we rode through it at 7:45 am. Stopped at McDonald's for a juice break and by then it was 84 degrees. Bob wanted to take a picture of the famous bar that in one week would be over run with bikers of all shapes and size.

The next stop was a town called Wall.
Before we stopped for lunch we looked around. I found the sign below the guns to be a little funny...........

I guess they really don't want you to play with the guns.......

I had my hunny sit with the pretty lady to get his picture taken. Of course he had to rest his hand on her knee...

Now I wonder what she did to him to get this expression?

We had lunch at the Wall food court. Wall is a small town in the middle of no where on the edge of the Badlands South Dakota.
In 1931 a man name Ted Hustead and his wife Dorothy took his $3,000. inheritance and bought the only drug store in Wall. Business was bad in the little prairie Town where only 326 people, 326 poor people. The depression and a drought had wiped out the farmers. One one stopped for coffee or anything else. Ted had promised his wife that they would give it 5 years and next year was going to be the fifth year. As a Pharmacist Ted also studied some veterinary medicine so he could help the farmers when there livestock got ill.
One hot summer day Dorothy went to lay down after putting the children down for a nap. She wasn't down long and decided to go out and tell Ted her idea. "All the cars going by on Route16A just about shook the house to pieces and I think I know of a way to bring the travelers to our store. What all travelers need is ice cold water, why don't we offer free water." Ted and a young lad spent the next week making signs to nail up and down the highway and it worked. Now Wall is a huge downtown area, with all kinds of stores with all kinds of different gadgets. they still offer free ice water and coffee for only a nickel.

We had lunch and got back on the road. It was so hot, that we had to stop every 1/2 hour to get cooled off and drink water. The one stop had bottled water in the freezer for people. The temp was 112. I wasn't sure how much farther we could go. I was not feeling well and the air was so hot blowing in your face. Finally at 2:00 Bob said it was time to get off the road and we would try it really early the next day. When we had our shower and went to get our deodorant and things, our deodorant had melted. What a mess! We were in bed by 8:15 exhaust from the heat.

I woke up at 5:15 am and looked out side. It was still dark. I had forgot that we had crossed over the time zone back a few miles from our motel. We got packed up and dressed and on the road by 6:10 am. We were going to try and get as far as we could before the heat drove us off the road.

The first rest station we stopped was around 7:45 am. Bob told me to take some pictures but I didn't go off the path this sign pretty well says it all

From where I stood this was the beautiful picture I got.

While waiting for
Bob I took
fun shots

Isn't he handsome....

Today we made it as far a Mankota, Minnesota for the night. Tomorrow we hope to be pretty close to the Canadian boarder. Bob is going to bite the bullet and cross the bridge at the Sue. I have to testify in court on Monday and Bob has Dr's appointment.

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