Sunday, July 29, 2007

Well it Happened

My turn to do the morning check up. Oil and tire pressure checks are done every morning.

We traveled from Orillia to Alberta then from B.C. back with no problem until we hit a little area called Spanish. We had just gassed up and the throttle cable that is attached to the handle bar on Bob's bike broke. He lost all power and motioned me to get over. I slowed down but hit the edge of the road and down I went. The next thing I knew I was looking at the grill of the truck behind me. I was very lucky that the lady got stopped. Bob pulled over and looked back in horror as I laid sprawled on the road. But the good thing of it all was the only thing wrong was a bruised and scraped knee. The lady who was driving the truck help Bob and I pick the bike up off the road.
When we got to the dealer they had never seen that happened before, but did not have a handle in stock. they called Sudbury and Bob agreed to go and get it. The dealer would be closed when he got back but he was instructed where to put it so the mech could work on it the next day. Steve had come and got me from Auntie Stella camp and I waited and worried about Bob until he finally arrived at 8 pm. Tired, hungry and wet. He had got caught in the down poor. My rain suit fit him somewhat, so he stay mostly dry.
We left around 10:30 Sunday morning to head to Orillia.

Bob not happy waiting for the tow truck. it took 2 hours plus to get a tow truck to us.

It took three of us to load the bike in the trailer.

Bob and the driver pushed it up the ramp and
I steered it. Then came the fun part of
making sure it was secured. The driver was
really good, I rode with him and Bob drove my
bike. We had to have the bike taken to Espilola.
That was the closes dealer.

My poor knee. It is a little stiff now but I am very happy that is all I ended up with.

Thursday night found us in Ashland. Since we arrived early enough after supper we went for a walk.

Imagine this fish on the end of your fishing line.
I put my feet in the water to say that I have done Lake Superior. What dirty sand it was. I had to wash my feet when we got back to our motel room.

I found this water tower so cute. Just had to stop and take a picture of it.

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