Sunday, July 22, 2007

on the go again

Our day started off meeting up with the people that we had talked to at Crow's Nest Pass the day before they invited us for breakfast with them and we chatted and found out where we all had come from Ontario.

Day is Ended.

Sitting on something that isn't moving!

Yep it is raining here in Sand Point Idaho. The rain lasted a few hours then stopped and it came out hot....

Our breakfast friends. the far side young man is from Peterbrough. His family moved to Calgary when he was 7. The girl sitting next to him is a Pharmastic The Lady next is married to the guy at the end with the white hair. They are from a small community called Midhurst which is right out side of Barrie Ont. They moved to Calgary with his job 10 years ago and have no plans to move back to Ontario. The bald man works with the white hair guy and is going to Orillia ON next week for his sisters wedding, but is from Calgary. It is amazing how you meet people and find something that you all have in common. But as Bob says, we never would have had any conversations with these people if we weren't biking.

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