Saturday, July 7, 2007

Manitoba & Sask

We finally got to cross out of Ontario into Manitoba. It seem to take forever to get through Northern Ontario. Very pretty to travel and we seen the Goose, and Winnie the Pooh's Home town.
Our greatest enjoyment of Northern Ontario was the young cub we seen. He ran across the road and made it safely to the other
side. When he got there, he stop and looked back as if to say
Ha Ha I made it.

Saskatchewan was flat until we got closer to the Alberta Boarder.
We came across a family of ducks. Momma duck was trying to get her little family to the other side of the highway. She had two babies and when she she realized she couldn't get across safely she flew back, one of the babies did a summer salt in the air. It was really quite funny to watch.

Bob and I thought it would be good to put bumper stickers on the trailer. Does that make us look like world travelers? Nay just fun to do.

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